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    I have had to deal with this issue as well. Part of the answer depends on
    what percentage of data must be represented outside of your normal language.

    For example, if 99% of my data could be stored as US ASCII, I might just
    store all of my data that way and use escapes for the few special

    The other part deals with what kind of programming can be done on your chip.
    Naturally, you can have straight Unicode (even compressed) and
    decode/uncompress on the fly.

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    I have a question about how much space Unicode takes up. I am working on a
    HTML project in multiple languages. Each of these web pages have to be
    stored on a chip with limited space. Is there any way to "compact" the HTML
    scripts in order to save space on the chip? Or is there a different call
    number for a character which will take up less space in hex? It would be
    greatly appreciated if the email was answered.

    Thank you

    Daniel Johnson

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