Re: Generic base characters

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2007 - 20:26:27 CDT

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    I said:

    > > Combining category 224 characters *don't* "stack to the left".

    Cibu noted:

    > In Malayalam, there is a case of left side stacking when sign for semi-vowel
    > RA is followed by any E, EE, O, OO or AU vowel signs.
    > For example ക്രെ (<KA, VIRAMA, RA, VOWEL SIGN E>.

    That's fine. That is typical of the kind of rendering complications
    that you get with RA in Indic scripts. You end of up with *glyphs*
    placed to the left of the ka consonant base, but that is not
    unexpected in complex script rendering like this.

    Note that neither the RA nor the VOWEL SIGN E is a combining
    mark of ccc=224. RA is itself a base character, ccc=0, and
    MALAYALAM VOWEL SIGN E is a combining mark, ccc=0. And the
    sequence itself is a well-formed aksara, so is well within the
    scope of what a Malayalam layout engine should be handling.

    Furthermore, this isn't a case of a stacking of *two* instances
    of the glyph for the character VOWEL SIGN E left of the KA, either.


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