RE: Triple vowels (was: Generic base characters)

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Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 15:10:01 CDT

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    > The German examples were then more to the point. How annoying it would
    > have been if dotted circles had appeared in them in some display
    > systems...

    Of course that would be annoying. But as Ken said, there wouldn't be any reason to do that because there is nothing whatsoever about the behavior of Latin script that would suggest any constraint of the sort. A script like Devanagari, on the other hand, has particular behaviours that imply constraints on rendering. As Mike indicated, there are script-behaviour constraints, defined by a script, and these are distinct from spelling constraints, defined by a particular orthography for a particular language. Your Latin example wasn't particularly relevant because you were referring to spelling constraints, not script-behaviour constraints. A rendering system should never impose spelling constraints; it's reasonable for it to assume and impose script-behaviour constraints, however.


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