Re: Triple vowels (was: Generic base characters)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 16:49:37 CDT

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    > Kent Karlsson schrieb:
    > > Having three same-vowels in a row is an "error" of sorts in the Latin script
    > > (I would assume for all languages, but I'm not entirely sure of that).

    Otto Stolz responded:
    > Just for the record: There are perfectly legal German words with three equal
    > vowels in a row, e. g. “Seeelefant...

    And while admiring Curtis' English example of beeeater and wondering whether
    zooooze might ever come into use to refer to what zookeepers clean out of the
    bottom of animal cages, I stumbled across this actual English-language product


    However much etymologists might cringe at such constructions, it is
    pretty clear that there is nothing about the Latin script which
    constrains folks from making up such words and then using them
    widely. It is not an "error", but done with intent -- and the Latin
    script happily complies, because, after all, it is an alphabet
    and not an abugida to begin with.


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