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Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 18:07:31 CDT

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    உந்தி முதலா முந்துவளி தோன்றித்
    தலையினும் மிடற்றினும் நெஞ்சினும் நிலைிப்

    There may be two or more reasons why you are not seeing the dotted circle.
    1/ The font you use may have illegally omitted to include dotted circle within the font
    2/ The rendering engine you use may not support Unicode requirements on dotted circle
    3/ Their may be other reasons.

    Also I think that the data you received would still have code for dotted circle included within it, even though you are not able to see it.
    ie, It is not only a visible effect, but dotted circle is part of (archived) data.


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      I'm not quite sure I'm getting it.


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        Dotted circle does not indicate one has made an error, but it indicates that this is a Unicode bug due to�design errors.
        3.1.1 line2 at


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