Re: Generic base characters

From: Behnam (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2007 - 18:48:49 CDT

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    Maybe I should have mentioned it that I'm running OS 10.4 on Apple
    Macintosh which is a completely different text engine and different
    font technology. But if it is a Unicode bug, it shouldn't matter
    unless Apple didn't follow the buggy instruction.
    Maybe there is also a matter of interpretation of Unicode rules.


    On 17-Jul-07, at 7:34 PM, Dean Harding wrote:

    >> There may be two or more reasons why you are not seeing the dotted
    >> circle.
    >> 1/ The font you use may have illegally omitted to include dotted
    >> circle within the font
    >> 2/ The rendering engine you use may not support Unicode
    >> requirements on dotted circle
    >> 3/ Their may be other reasons.
    > As far as I understand, the dotted circle is inserted by the
    > rendering engine, itís nothing to do with the font.
    > My other guess is that Sinnathurai is running Windows XP and Benham
    > is running Windows Vista. Clearly, the "bug" was not in Unicode but
    > in the version of Uniscribe included with Windows XP (or at least
    > "not implemented" rather than a "bug")
    > Dean.

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