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Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 01:49:49 CDT

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    Denis Jacquerye wrote:
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    > On 7/24/07, Aiet Kolkhi <> wrote:
    > > Hello,
    > >
    > > this is a very interesting question.
    > >
    > > To put it short, this is somewhat incorrect to comprare "Mtavruli"
    > > (capital) style of contemporary Georgian alphabet (Mkhedruli) to small
    > > caps font style. And it is definitely wrong to look for solutions in
    > > CSS and other typographical directions, as the two "styles" or scripts
    > > (consider as you like) are different in shape and changing size of the
    > > characters would not give us Mtavruli style from Mkedruli script, nor
    > > the other way around.
    > The right solution for most applications at the moment is to use a
    > specific font with Mtavruli.
    > > The only solution enabling users to use Georgian Mtavruli style
    > > together with Georgian contemporary Mkhedruli alphabet would be to add
    > > Georgian Mtavruli style range to Unicode (or to apply fonts on
    > > different parts of the text, one font having Georgian Mkhedruli
    > > characters in 10D0-10FF range and the other using Mtavruli style of
    > > Georgian Mkedruli character in the same 10D0-10FF range).
    > This solution makes sense, although it is argued against in the
    > Unicode documentation stating Mtavruli is just a style variant.
    > Comparing it to Smallcaps is wrong since it implies capitals, but
    > capitals don't exist for Mkhedruli, also Smallcaps are oftern mixed
    > with Capitals whereas Mtavruli isn't mixed with Mkhedruli. "Titling"
    > is really better as John Hudson suggests.

    You have missed a part of the discussion !

    "Mtavruli", as intended by the author of the question, did NOT designate
    "Asomtavruli" but REALLY a small-capitals variant style from the default
    Georgian Mkhedruli script (where ascenders and descenders are suppressed,
    and all letters are made as high as capitals, all above the baseline.

    He EXPLICITLY stated that, and this did NOT contradict the Unicode
    documentation that discusses "Asomtavruli" (the half part for capitals or
    for old monumental styles of the separate Georgian Khutsuri script, the
    other part being Nukhsuri for lowercase letters) but says nothing about

    The solutions proposed were correct (even though we lack some confirmation
    that "Mtavruli" is the correct name for this variant style), because this is
    still the normal Mkhedruli script, with just a variant of form, so it does
    not require reencoding the text. That's something that can't be performed by
    reencoding it to Asomtavruli, but only through the alternate style-only
    solutions. And just adjusting the size of the fonts will not produce the
    expected effect, this really needs a separate font or a font made with
    small-caps variant glyphs for the Georgian Mkhedruli letters.

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