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Date: Wed Jul 25 2007 - 02:06:23 CDT

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    Aiet Kolkhi wrote:
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    > Hello,
    > this is a very interesting question.
    > To put it short, this is somewhat incorrect to comprare "Mtavruli"
    > (capital) style of contemporary Georgian alphabet (Mkhedruli) to small
    > caps font style. And it is definitely wrong to look for solutions in
    > CSS and other typographical directions, as the two "styles" or scripts
    > (consider as you like) are different in shape and changing size of the
    > characters would not give us Mtavruli style from Mkedruli script, nor
    > the other way around.
    > The only solution enabling users to use Georgian Mtavruli style
    > together with Georgian contemporary Mkhedruli alphabet would be to add
    > Georgian Mtavruli style range to Unicode (or to apply fonts on
    > different parts of the text, one font having Georgian Mkhedruli
    > characters in 10D0-10FF range and the other using Mtavruli style of
    > Georgian Mkedruli character in the same 10D0-10FF range).

    This solution is wrong. Tweaking the Old Georgian script (Asomtavruli) in
    any font will not be correct.

    From what you have described (and the need to preserve the text equivalence
    with Mkhedruli, really means that a font must encode the Mtavruli vriant
    glyphs exactly like Modern Georgian (Mkhedruli) letters in the same
    10D0-10FF range.

    Suppose now that a browser does not have such variant font or Mkhedruli font
    without a smallcaps variant, or without any other features needed to support
    the "titling" style, then th normal Mkhedruli letters will be displayed. Of
    course this may cause problems if one wants to preserve some visual
    distinctions (i.e. emphasis here, not a change in meaning) for the titles.

    This can be easily solved by not only adapting the font style, but also some
    other presentation style: a larger font size, boldness, underlining...
    Or adapting the layout (for example, different horizontal and/or vertical
    margins for titles, different color for titles, horizontal indentation
    and/or background/border framing of the text that is not part of the

    Adjusting the margins in a HTML document is quite simple (and it can also be
    performed through consistant CSS style) and it will work in monochrome
    documents for basic printing.

    I am still convinced that book and newspapers publishers will use the
    simplest solution for their titles: using a different font, but still
    writing everything with Mkhedruli.

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