Nenetsian letters "6" and "66"

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Date: Thu Jul 26 2007 - 15:41:14 CDT

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    Nenetsian, spoken (and written!) in far northern (asian) Russia, uses
    two unusual letters: something that looks like U+2019 (RIGHT SINGLE
    QUOTATION MARK) and another one that looks like U+201D (RIGHT DOUBLE
    QUOTATION MARK). The former is also used in (at least) eight other
    cyrillic orthographies: Azeri (old and new), Ukrainian, Hill Maryan,
    Selkup, Nivkh, Inuit (Yupik) and Chukchi (any others?).
    My problem is that I want to write about the flag cravatte shown at
    < > and I cannot quote the
    text correctly.

    I understand that the apostrophe in Ukrainian is a glyph variant of the
    hard sign (see < > and
    let me know of mistakes!), but in other languages (Hill Maryan, Selkup,
    Nivkh, Inuit (Yupik), Chukchi and Nenets itself) it co-exists with the
    hard sign as a separate letter.

    PRIME what I need here, or are these two planned to be encoded as
    specifically Cyrillic letters? (Most cyrillic-to-latin transliterations
    using U+02BA for the hard sign and U+02B9 for the soft sign, per encoding
    recomendation in the standard, make the mess even greater, IMO.)

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