questions on implementing an embeded system that supports unicode

From: de Brebisson, Cyrille (Calculator Division) (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 10:48:03 CDT

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    I have a couple of questions, which will probably make it obvious that I am a newbie :)

    I am working on an embedded system that supports the UTF-16 subset of Unicode. I have of course read the FAQ and lots of "high level articles" However, I till have a couple of questions, mainly related to displaying Unicode strings:
    - assuming that I use bitmap fonts (6*8 or so for Latin letters and 12*12~14*14 for asian, and I do not know how bit Arabic and similar letters needs to be), how much memory will I need to dedicate to the fonts?
    - how critical is the implementation of the RTL languages? It seems to add quite a lot of complexity to the system and, once again, in a low power embedded system might not be worth it?
    - is there any existing software package that I could start with/use as a basis in my system so that I do not have to rewrite everything?

    Thanks, Cyrille

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