Re: questions on implementing an embeded system that supports unicode

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2007 - 23:54:43 CDT

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    You might want to do a search for discussions on supporting Unicode / UTF-8 in
    the Linux console/terminal - since this uses bit-mapped fonts and the problems
    may be similar.

    Also maybe try to find out how these scripts are supported in mobile phones and
    what font formats these devices use.

    e.g. in the Middle East cell phones are available which can display Arabic; in
    India inexpensive phones are available which can display about several different
    Indic scripts - & in Lhasa since last year you can get phones which allow you to
    send SMS messages in Tibetan. All of these are "complex" scripts.

    For all these scripts there are many characters and combinations of characters
    which are rarely if ever used in everyday / modern text - and probably don't
    need supporting on most small devices with a limited or particular application.

    - Chris

    de Brebisson, Cyrille (Calculator Division) wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I have a couple of questions, which will probably make it obvious that I
    > am a newbie J
    > I am working on an embedded system that supports the UTF-16 subset of
    > Unicode. I have of course read the FAQ and lots of “high level articles”
    > However, I till have a couple of questions, mainly related to displaying
    > Unicode strings:
    > - assuming that I use bitmap fonts (6*8 or so for Latin letters and
    > 12*12~14*14 for asian, and I do not know how bit Arabic and similar
    > letters needs to be), how much memory will I need to dedicate to the fonts?
    > - how critical is the implementation of the RTL languages? It seems to
    > add quite a lot of complexity to the system and, once again, in a low
    > power embedded system might not be worth it?
    > - is there any existing software package that I could start with/use as
    > a basis in my system so that I do not have to rewrite everything?
    > Thanks, Cyrille

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