RE: Unicode list usage policy (was:questions on implementing an embeded system that supports unicode)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 02:40:10 CDT

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    Apparently my response here has been taken from a commercial member of this
    list as implying that I was seeking for information about Unicode support
    for embedded systems. And I was added in their mailing list with commercial
    offers sent directly to me (website, products list, demos, pricing info...)

    Unfortunately the sender of these messages is also writing in the name of a
    wellknown member of the Unicode Consortium (that I won't name here, because
    he has promised not continuing and removing me from their commercial contact
    list); if I had not received an excuse from him, I would have complained to
    the Unicode admins and forwarded the commercial messages to spam detection
    lists, because I have never contacted that company directly before; the
    messages were signed by a "senior" worker from that company, that has been
    seen here just writing a few posts to expose and discuss very specific
    implementation problems with 10 messages to the list this year, but has not
    replied to others seeking help or discussing the general issues here.)

    Can we repeat that a message sent to this public list is NOT an explicit
    authorization sent to all list subscribers that allow them to add us in
    commercial mailing lists? (I suppose this was part of the Unicode mailing
    list charter, and the fact that the company is an Unicode TC voting member
    since long is not an excuse; this list is not the place for conducting their
    own commercial business.)

    Those that think they can take our messages as implying such authorizations
    should remember that their use is causing troubles to the Unicode list
    itself (causing it to be considered as spamming when some of the many
    subscribers are indirectly receiving offers just, because they discussed
    here; the consequence being that this list is signalled to antispam

    So if you need to write directly to someone discussing here, it must be only
    for things that don't need to be discussed with all others here, and it
    should only be limited to the questions exposed here. Don't profit of this
    event to insert us in your commercial campaigns.


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