RE: questions on implementing an embeded system that supports unicode

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2007 - 13:46:58 CDT

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    Christopher Fynn
    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > > Really, every system starts by supporting one script, then adds each
    > > script one at a time. Supporting many scripts at the same time is a
    > > large project, and it would be probably too costly for your project to
    > > redevelop it (given that it has already taken decennials to support them
    > > in the existing desktop/server OS'es).
    > Even if you start by only supporting one script it is a good idea to
    > design your
    > system keeping the idea of supporting all scripts in mind from the start.

    Nothing in my message was saying that the device does not need to support
    multiple scripts. There are some good reasons to prepare it to support them.

    But what I wanted to show is that rewriting ourself such support will be
    very costly (and probably too costly for embedded systems with limited
    market usage). And for such usage, it would be best to reuse existing

    I suggested namely "reusing free or open-source" solutions, but there may
    exist also generic commercial implementations tuned specifically for
    embedded systems.

    Such solutions may work easily if the embedded system supports some generic
    kernel (Linux for embedded systems) or virtual machine (Java or .Net) for
    which it is easy to adapt existing code. If the embedded system uses some
    proprietary kernel for real time computing (VxWorks for example), adapting
    existing code may be difficult, or could be available commercially at quite
    high price (only through specific development by a service provider).

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