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Date: Fri Aug 17 2007 - 04:53:34 CDT

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    On 8/16/07, Bala <> wrote:
    > If we looked at the Grantha language, like JA, SHA, SSA, SA, HA,
    >the K.SSA also single letter in Grantha,

    Thanks for sending my friend, Venu's book page. About a month ago,
    unfortunately he is no more.


    It is Grantha *script*, specifically called Tamil Grantha in literature,
    and there is no "Grantha language" that I'm aware of.

    > Please refer attachment. (Last letter from the consonants table)
    > It will show that it does not made up by 2 consonants in Grantha.
    >, as shown in Venugopalan's book also, has two consonants
    and in Unicode parlance, <KA, VIRAMA, SSA> in all of India's scripts.

    Btw, the k.ssa conjunct is not the only one used for representing
    english letter, x which is represented by k.s usually. In Tamil, x is
    many times replaced by k.c as well.

    In India's scripts, Devanagari, Malayalam or Tamil
    the conjunct letter, is treated as such.
    See Cathy Wissink's old paper,
    Marathi (in Devanagari) uses as a consonant, but in Unicode
    similar to what is done for Malayalam or Tamil. There is no atomic k.ssa
    so far at least.

    If the conjunct is to be coded atomically, one can write
    a proposal to UTC. If the Govt.(s) back it, it may be successful.
    A parallel may be the chillus in Malayalam which
    in all cases are identical, example: chillu nn = <nn, virama, zwj>.
    Similarly, an atomic k.ssa = <ka, virama, ssa>.

    Anyways, users need to wait on what happens to TACE (for Tamil) proposal
    with UTC. When will we know? By mid-2008? Atomic k.ssa and the
    whole set of vowelozed series for k.ssa will be there if TACE becomes
    a reality.

    N. Ganesan

    > Kind Regards
    > G. Balachandran
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    > > There is no conjunct in Tamil
    > The Grantha conjunct, exists in Tamil like all other Indian scripts.
    > It is made up of two consonants, KA & SSA, hence a conjunct.
    > We use ZWNJ to break the conjunct for Islamic, English loan words
    > into Tamil.
    > Pl. refer to TUS for the conjunct in India's scripts.
    > N. Ganesan

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