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Date: Fri Aug 17 2007 - 11:04:15 CDT

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    PR 104 is very technical for me to understand but after going through
    your mail I want to comment on K.SSA. In Bangla we call that conjunct
    KHIO, but that is not a conjunct what our kids read. I can give you
    scans of Bangla book, where KHIO is a unique character. I also
    noticed that Ministry of IT, India also proposed for assign unique
    code for that character.

    Am I going in track?


    On Aug 17, 2007, at 3:53 PM, N. Ganesan wrote:

    > On 8/16/07, Bala <> wrote:
    >> If we looked at the Grantha language, like JA, SHA, SSA, SA, HA,
    >> the K.SSA also single letter in Grantha,
    > Thanks for sending my friend, Venu's book page. About a month ago,
    > unfortunately he is no more.
    > ------
    > It is Grantha *script*, specifically called Tamil Grantha in
    > literature,
    > and there is no "Grantha language" that I'm aware of.
    >> Please refer attachment. (Last letter from the consonants table)
    >> It will show that it does not made up by 2 consonants in Grantha.
    >, as shown in Venugopalan's book also, has two consonants
    > and in Unicode parlance, <KA, VIRAMA, SSA> in all of India's scripts.
    > Btw, the k.ssa conjunct is not the only one used for representing
    > english letter, x which is represented by k.s usually. In Tamil, x is
    > many times replaced by k.c as well.
    > In India's scripts, Devanagari, Malayalam or Tamil
    > the conjunct letter, is treated as such.
    > See Cathy Wissink's old paper,
    > Marathi (in Devanagari) uses as a consonant, but in Unicode
    > similar to what is done for Malayalam or Tamil. There is no atomic
    > k.ssa
    > so far at least.
    > If the conjunct is to be coded atomically, one can write
    > a proposal to UTC. If the Govt.(s) back it, it may be successful.
    > A parallel may be the chillus in Malayalam which
    > in all cases are identical, example: chillu nn = <nn, virama, zwj>.
    > Similarly, an atomic k.ssa = <ka, virama, ssa>.
    > Anyways, users need to wait on what happens to TACE (for Tamil)
    > proposal
    > with UTC. When will we know? By mid-2008? Atomic k.ssa and the
    > whole set of vowelozed series for k.ssa will be there if TACE becomes
    > a reality.
    > N. Ganesan
    >> Kind Regards
    >> G. Balachandran
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    >>> There is no conjunct in Tamil
    >> The Grantha conjunct, exists in Tamil like all other Indian
    >> scripts.
    >> It is made up of two consonants, KA & SSA, hence a conjunct.
    >> We use ZWNJ to break the conjunct for Islamic, English loan words
    >> into Tamil.
    >> Pl. refer to TUS for the conjunct in India's scripts.
    >> N. Ganesan

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