Question about the replacement of Greek extended characters (u1F..) by equivalent Greek ones (u03..)

From: Ginette Beurton (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 11:03:21 CDT

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    I wonder about the drawbacks generated by the replacement of some of
    the Greek extended characters by the Greek equivalent character when it
    exist, for example : ( u1F71, u1F75, u1F77, u1F79, ...) replaced
    respectively by u03CA, u03AE, U03AF, u03CC, ...

    The question is that, in the Unicode standard, the Greek extended
    characters are declared as equivalent to the Greek ones but the reverse
    is not done.
    For example, u03AF is not declared as an equivalent of u1F71. So the
    relation between the 2 codes is not symmetric. Does that generate any
    drawbacks ?

    Thank you very much

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