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Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 13:00:53 CDT

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    I suppose that many fonts are not designed to support scripts that have or
    may need variation selectors, and their authors have better to do.

    My opinion is that it’s up to renderers, not to fonts, to recognize the
    variation selectors in the encoded text, and then to see if the font has a
    special mapping for the combination:

    * If the font has this mapping (for example a substitution rule for the
    combination), or a mapping for the variation selector itself, then the
    renderer will use that font.

    * If not, the renderer will discard the variation selector but will still
    use that font for the base character.



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    A similar annoyance is the fact that so many fonts don't map the
    default-ignorable code points (like variation selectors) to a zero-width
    invisible glyph by default. Expecially since with True/OpenType, it is
    essentially free to add support for a character that has the same glyph as
    one you already have in the font.

    Maybe what would help would be a document aimed at font developers, which
    contained a list of the default mappings that they should supply

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