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Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 15:02:46 CDT

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    Mark Davis wrote,

    >For general-purpose fonts, the default ignorable code points should be
    >invisible, just like whitespace characters should be invisible. Specialized
    >fonts, such as those used for a "Show Hidden" mode or for code charts, may
    >well want to have visible glyphs for default ignorables, whitespace
    >characters, controls, confusable characters, and so on, so that people can
    >see the internals of their text. But those are very specialized cases.

    We seem to have strayed off-subject. So I changed it.

    Subsequent to my previous response...

    What about non-English speaking users and non-Latin script fonts?

    Would a Russian want to see a default control picture which read
    "VS-1", for example. Might a Devanagari font designer create
    control pictures which would make sense to the targeted users while
    being homogenous with the font design?

    Or, are you suggesting that "specialized fonts" be developed for all
    user pools? This just doesn't seem workable to me.

    I'm sorry if we disagree, but the font remains the best place for
    storing *appropriate* outline data for the characters it supports.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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