Indexes and limits (6 new symbols)

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Date: Tue Sep 25 2007 - 07:15:19 CDT

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    Good day.

      Indexes are often used in our life: such social phenomenon, as science, is impossible without them,
    such all-embracing industry, as programming, is inconceivable without them.
    Poor, archaic way of writing indexes amazes in textual files - it's necessary to correct.
      Let's enter terms. Limits - are above-string and below-string records, for example,
    limits of integration and summation. _Makeweights_ are limits and indexes;
    there are only four kinds of makeweights: top and bottom limits, top and bottom indexes.
    _Base_ is a word, for which makeweights are written.

      Let's __opening symbols__ are control symbols, which specify, that there are makeweight after it;
    there exist four opening symbols - as much as number of kinds of makeweights:
    __"bottom limit" , "top limit" , "bottom index" , "top index"__.
    Whereas makeweights are written together with base and come to end at the nearest blank,
    new symbol __"space"__ is necessary for blanks in makeweights (we shall name blank between words as _blank_).
      Limits can have indexes. Indexes can have diacritical marks (which is limits essentially).
    Thus opening symbol of limit does not mean end of an index and vice versa.
    Base can have set of indexes with sub-indexes. If it's necessary to write other sub-index of the same index
    after sub-index of some index, then it's necessary to return to the previous level.
    Let's enter control symbol __"return"__ to return to the previous level.
    Picture, which show how it works, is in
    So, 6 new control symbols and 6 new keys on keyboard are necessary for writing limits and indexes.

    Dmitry Turin
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