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Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 02:25:30 CDT

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    >> Spending mark-place in coding table for capital letters - is inadmissible spending.
    >> Let all letters will be lower case: when there is a own name or beginning of sentence,
    >> one prefix-byte before a word is enough to specify, that first letter is upper-case.
    >> Let's name this prefix-byte as 'mark "own name"'. It works so: #anna -> Anna
    >> (where # is this prefix-byte).
    >> It's necessary to tell the same about abbreviations. One prefix-byte before a word
    >> is enough to specify, that all letters to symbol "blank" are upper-case.
    >> Let's name this byte as 'mark "abbreviation"'. It works so: #uno -> UNO.
    >> User himself puts prefix-bytes by pressing keys "Shift" and "Caps Lock".
    >> So comparison of various variants of spelling (all letters are lower-case,
    >> first letter is upper-case, all letters are upper-case) is reduced to
    >> comparison in one variant of spelling (all letters are
    >> lower-case) at search of similar word.
    >> Widespread error is equating of designation of a letters (__coding__)
    >> and their graphic images (__font__). It's absolutely different things.

    MES> Changing things this much would break far too many things.
    I supplied next version of unicode,
    especially "pressed" encoding like UTF-8.

    MES> There are about nine different reasons, why this is an extremely bad idea
    9 ?
    List reasons, please.
    During answering, keep in mind sentance, written above.

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