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From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2007 - 18:54:04 CDT

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    Dmitry Turin wrote:
    > Good day.
    > Spending mark-place in coding table for capital letters - is inadmissible spending.
    > Let all letters will be lower case: when there is a own name or beginning of sentence,
    > one prefix-byte before a word is enough to specify, that first letter is upper-case.
    > Let's name this prefix-byte as 'mark "own name"'. It works so: #anna -> Anna
    > (where # is this prefix-byte).
    > It's necessary to tell the same about abbreviations. One prefix-byte before a word
    > is enough to specify, that all letters to symbol "blank" are upper-case.
    > Let's name this byte as 'mark "abbreviation"'. It works so: #uno -> UNO.
    > User himself puts prefix-bytes by pressing keys "Shift" and "Caps Lock".
    > So comparison of various variants of spelling (all letters are lower-case,
    > first letter is upper-case, all letters are upper-case) is reduced to
    > comparison in one variant of spelling (all letters are lower-case) at search of similar word.
    > Widespread error is equating of designation of a letters (__coding__)
    > and their graphic images (__font__). It's absolutely different things.
    There are about nine different reasons why this is an extremely bad
    idea, but there is no reason to be long-winded about it; here is one
    simple one:

    Unicode has an obligation to preserve the way data has been stored on
    computers all along. Computers have been working with upper and
    lowercase being different characters for decades now. Changing things
    this much would break far too many things.


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