Re[4]: Root and fraction (2 new symbols)

From: Dmitry Turin (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 04:52:41 CDT

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    >> But these are the markup language once again.
    >> Plain text is used in _all_ type of documents
    >> (biologistic one, economistic one, texts of schoolchildren),
    >> and manufactorers of software must be prevented from embeding of
    >> _particular_ markup language into all system.
    PV> Really not! Those types of documents already use file formats
    PV> Plain-text only formats are not convenient to place figures
    When you need only 2 use cases,
    you bring (with markup language) so much use cases,
    quantity of which is much more 2.

    PV> there are many uncounted conventions used in mathematics
    Pay attention, not all formulas in general,
    but the _most primitive and wide-spread_ formulas.

    PV> probably as many as mathematicians
    You are not understanding here: not mathematicians !!!

    PV> then you'll need internal markup
    Not logic conclusion.
    This discourse is not consecutively.

    What is symptomatic:
    you say against mathimatical novations in plain text
    in topic of less-often-used root and fraction,
    instead of topic of much-often-used indexes and limits.


    PV> some sort of "ASCII Art"
    It's squalor (shabbiness).

    PV> For mathematical formulas
    PV> either you want to render them in their original bi-dimensional layout
    PV> ... so plain-text will not work
    Indeed (agreed).

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