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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 16:37:25 CDT

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    Why not proposing the historical Christian fish symbol at this date (April

    The fish was used and displayed on many monuments and graves, is still seen
    on old artistic features (like ceramics) and probably on old scriptures too,
    by the first Christians, before the Cross during the Roman Empire before it
    converted officially to the Christian religion, and accepted to use the
    Cross as an easily recognizable symbol to commemorate those that died on it.

    I have not seen any fish in the Unicode standard for now, but there are many
    crosses for various Christian churches... May be I have forgotten where it
    was? Or is it part of an ongoing proposal for Aegyptian hieroglyphs with
    which it could be unified?

    For now I can just see "fish tail" characters.

    Jon Hanna wrote:
    > Michael Maxwell wrote:
    > > This was not a joke? I assumed it was a parody of some of the ideas on
    > > the Indic list...
    > Apparantly it isn't.
    > The worse thing about this idea is that it means I have to think up
    > something else to propose on 2008-04-01.

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