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Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 17:37:31 CDT

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    Another thing: I wonder what are the (cuneiform-like) scriptures
    sourrounding the Peacock Angel (Melek Taus) displayed on this famous Yazidi

    (Yazidism is one of the three old Yazdani religions in the bordering Kurdish
    regions of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syrian Coast, they are derived from an
    old Sabian or culture, related to some other old Semitic traditions, before
    Islam appeared and became prevalent in those regions; they recognize most of
    the "13 principles of faith", also shared, in slightly modified forms,
    between Judaism, Christianim and Islam, although they were formalized by a
    controversed medieval Jewish thinker, but still recognized and normally
    protected under Islamic Sharia, which most often mixes them with

    Is it really scripture with textual meaning or other symbolism?

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