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Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 17:25:30 CDT

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    There's a very recent document, published this week, Dated: 2007-09-21, but
    the number of characters added in FPAM5 is now quite large (5719 characters
    for now). But it references many other documents for each discussed part.

    What I can see is in N3270: the Proposed U+1319F looks very different,
    because it is not the symbol, but the Egyptian Hieroglyph displaying a
    specific specy of fish, very explicitly, and not in a symbolized way.

    There are several other fishes between U+1219C and U+131A0 in the sub-block
    "K. Fishes and parts of fishes" (EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH K001...K005).
    - None of them display the simple two-curves symbol used by early
    - None of them represent the older Mother Goddess symbol (its vulva), which
    may look a bit different and could be part of another script (I've not seen
    the glyph anywhere, just discussions about its existence).

    It followed another version of the FPAM5 proposal: N3265 (no difference

    The current version seems to be N3349: it references the Coptic block in
    N3222R (restricted? I can't find it in the DKUUG website), and the Egyptian
    hieroglyphs in N3237, amended by N3345 (final PDAM5)

    I would expect the Christian Fish symbol to be found:
    - in the amended Coptic Block (now at U+2CF2 after the new additions
    proposed in FDPAM5?) with the existing Chi-Rho symbol...
    - but really not in the new large block for Egyptian Hieroglyphs where those
    fishes really have distinct meanings and are culturally unrelated (also this
    block is in Plane 1, but the Christian Fish is still widely recognized

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