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Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 19:50:10 CDT

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    Quoting Doug Ewell <>:

    > John Hudson <john at tiro dot ca> wrote:
    >> There are a lot of things that occur in the context of text, but
    >> which are not necessarily text themselves, and my criterion --
    >> which I realise might not be the UTC's criterion -- is to consider
    >> whether there is a need to do things with such entities such as one
    >> does with text entities. If, for example, the fish symbol, like
    >> the staurogram, did appear in early Christian documents, then I
    >> think there is a good case for encoding it based on the kind of
    >> work that is done with the transcription and analysis of such
    >> documents. It would, for instance, be helpful to be able to seach
    >> a corpus of texts for occurrences of the symbol, and this would be
    >> greatly facilitated by its encoding.
    > If this symbol is encoded, it will probably see much more common use in
    > quarter-page advertisements in the Yellow Pages for plumbers and
    > attorneys and auto mechanics, ostensibly to communicate to prospective
    > customers that the business is "Christian" and thus implicitly more
    > competent or honest than businesses not displaying the symbol.
    > That said, the Christian-specific fish symbol is probably a great deal
    > more deserving of encoding in a plain-text character encoding standard
    > than nine different cat faces, or separate blue, green, yellow, and
    > purple heart symbols, or ten arbitrarily selected national flags, or....

    There are at least to posssible basis for a proposal:-

        1) Ancient use - as John Hudson mentions above, the easiest place
    to look would be engravings on tombs.

        2) Or as Doug well mentions above. A list of unencoded symbols in
    modern usage, used in bulletin sheets widely used by Christians (and
    others), notice booards, magazines eg

               u+xxxx FISH SYMBOL
               u+xxxx DOVE SYMBOL
               u+xxxx DOVE WITH BRANCH SYMBOL

    Some symbols might be better as combinations <CROSS SYMBOL> + <DOVE
    SYMBOL> rather than a u+xxxx CROSS WITH DOVE SYMBOL.

    John K

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