RE: Component Based Han Ideograph Encoding (WAS: Level of Unicode support required for various languages)

Date: Fri Nov 02 2007 - 21:54:25 CST

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    Just to answer one point, the 65535 limit is a problem already for
    full unicode implementation, or even for that matter just for full
    unicode CJKV implementaion. There exist solutions, and there will be
    better solutions in the future.They are various methods of 'font
    linking', whereby several font files are taken and treated as if one
    large font, examples include fall-back fonts on windows, and
    fontconfig on linux.

    > It's also possible to make an OpenType font whose cmap + GSUB
    > converts IDS sequence to precomposed glyph index (the glyph is
    > not accessible by character codepoint directly), but this
    > strategy cannot break the barrier of 65535 glyphs limit, and
    > does not shrink the size of huge CJK fonts. I guess it's not
    > what expected by the people who promotes IDS to prevent the
    > inflation of CJK Unified Ideograph blocks.
    > Regards,
    > mpsuzuki

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