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Date: Fri Nov 02 2007 - 22:20:02 CST

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    Hi Bala,

    You wrote,

    > Yes the meaning of "ஸ்ரீகண்டன்" is same in both. I guess there is no mythological /
    > religious different between "சிவன்" and "சிவபெருமான்".
    > Pic2 Sri/Shri - A Letter. It may come first letter in a language word. ...
    > Pic1 Sri/Shrt - God Luxmi, gifted opportunity.
    > The rest of the words are not same in the list. Only ஸ்ரீ and given same in the
    > சிவபெருமான் dictionary

    Sinnathurai Srivas has a page about Tami sRi,


    On that page it is mentioned that there are two meanings. One
    meaning is respectful, the other is not.

    It seems that the graphics you sent are related to this issue.
    I wonder if the words on Pic2 are more about teasing or
    frivolous aspects, and the words on the other scan are
    more about respectfulness, reverence, and thoughtfulness?

    In any case, the page linked above requests that the respectful
    form be encoded separately, either as a character with the
    same properties as other Tamil letters, or as some kind of
    symbol. (If I'm understanding correctly.)

    So, I'm wondering how the symbol which represents the god
    Luxmi, benevolence, and/or good fortune is used in text.
    You mention that the other dictionary also uses the same form.
    Do the words listed in Pic1 ever get written using the symbol
    at the top of Pic1?

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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