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Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 02:53:43 CST

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    Quoting Peter Constable (2006/07/26),

    > It was recently pointed out to me by some Tamil speakers that the new
    > character 0BB6 SHA should be used in forming the shrii ligature. This is
    > reflected by the provisional named sequence
    > This raises a question about legacy implementations and data: before the
    > SHA character was added, at least some implementations (e.g. Windows
    > from Win2K through XP SP2 and Server 2003 R2) created the shrii ligature
    > using a character sequence with 0BB8 SA. So, when people decided this
    > new character should be used for this ligature, what were they assuming
    > should be done with existing implementations and data, or new
    > implementations that might encounter legacy data?

    It should be noted that Unicode 5.0 section 9.6 gives instructions
    for forming "kssa ligature" but not for "shrii ligature".

    This ligature shrii is the form appearing at the top of Bala's exhibit

    It can be encoded two ways,
     0BB6 0BCD 0BB0 0BC0 - new way
     0BB8 0BCD 0BB0 0BC0 - old way

    This is apparently not the same letter/ligature/conjunct which
    appears as the first letter of each line starting with the second
    line of text (in 1938-page1.jpg). This does appear to represent
    a spelling difference.

    In the attached graphic, 1938_1and2,png, the area containing
    the word "ஸ்ரீகண்டன்" is enlarged.

    Whether the first code point for representing these two ligatures
    is SHA or SA, shouldn't it be the same for both ligatures?

        U+0BB8 ஸ TAMIL LETTER SA

    But it appears that one ligature uses RA and the other uses RRA.

        U+0BB0 ர TAMIL LETTER RA

    In the proposal to encode the TAMIL LETTER SHA (N2617.PDF)
    it is noted that SHA may well form conjuncts with other
    letters, "MA, YA, RA, and VA". I think that is a typo in N2617,
    and that it should read "MA, YA, RRA, and VA", because the
    conjunct formation with RA is specifically adressed in the
    text immediately before.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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