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    Hi Bala,

    Are you suggesting that we should encode two different sRi characters or should we keep one code along with diacritics to obtain the two glyphs.

    having two codes might have some advantages and some disadvantages (such as search, etc..)
    having one code might have some advantage and disadvantage

    I'll be ading this info to a page on sRi that I maintained.

    Do you have written explanation of the honorary and title usage as in
    "SRi la ShRi Arumuganavalar" or Sri la shri ..." etc...

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      Hi All,

      I have accidently found an issue regarding Grantha Sri/Shri which is used in Tamil. Please help me in understanding this.

      When I was referring the ‘Tamil Moli Akarathi’ – Kathiraiver Pillai (Dictionary), I found 2 different Sri/Shri which are two different shapes and they do have different meanings as well. In addition they were placed in 2 different positions in the sequences. Please refer attachment 1 and attachment 2.

      After that when I refer another dictionary I found that they also placed 2 different Sri/Shri. (பேரகராதி – 1938)


      Please help me in how to handle this situation? What are encoding to handle this? Is the following 2 code sequence are right?

      1) 0BB8 + 0BCD + 0BB0 + 0BC0 and

      2) 0BB6 + 0BCD + 0BB0 + 0BC0

      Also which sequence belongs to which Sri / Shri?


      Thank you in advanced

      Bala (Sri Lanka)

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