Re: Encoding Personal Use Ideographs

Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 20:19:39 CST

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    Quoting James Kass <>:

    > John H. Jenkins responded to Andrew West,
    >>> Yes, but my understanding is that James is not seeking to introduce a
    >>> general-purpose compositional model for the Han script, but is simply
    >>> exploring the possibility of using IDS sequences to represent specific
    >>> [as yet] unencoded characters is a manner that TUS
    >>> <> says is valid
    >>> and which learned members of this list have confirmed is acceptable.
    >> If this is what he was looking to do, then I misread him and I
    >> apologize. It's been a long weekend. :-)
    > No, the apology is mine. You are both right. Andrew understands
    > specifically what I have in mind, but I did introduce the concept
    > of a general compositional model into this thread. M. P. Suzuki
    > is discussing this in a different thread, and the concept is
    > related to what we are discussing.
    > I *cannot* implement what I have in mind due to the system
    > rendering engine limitations which Andrew has mentioned.
    > (At least, not yet.)
    > Thank you both for your kind words.
    > And, it *has* been a long week-end.
    > Best regards,
    > James Kass

    I'd better add my apologies here as well, if there is confusionin this
    thread I have probably been as much a cause as anyone else.


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