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    Bala (Sri Lanka) wrote:

    > The civamayam is very commonly used in Tamil text. In present days
    > compare to day sign and Tamil number 2, the civamayam symbol used very
    > frequently. This been used in start of books, almost 90% of the Tamil
    > wedding cards and so on.
    > But when I am looking at the shape I cannot see the difference between
    > Tamil day sign and civamayam.

    Neither can I, though both are clearly different from the digit 2.

    > (1) Why there is no code point to the civamayam symbol in Unicode?
    > Is that because of the same/similar glyph?

    Perhaps. Has anyone ever proposed encoding it separately? Is it
    encoded separately in any other coded character encoding?

    > Or Tamils missed out to list to Unicode?

    I wouldn't recommend going down this path.

    > (2) Are we expected to use the 0BF3 – Tamil Day sign for civamayam
    > as well?

    In American English, the same coded character, U+002E, is used:

    * as a sentence terminator
    * as a marker for certain abbreviations
    * as a decimal separator
    * as part of an ellipsis indicating continuation
    * as a separator between parts of a URL or IP address
    * as part of a "dotted leader" in a table of contents
    * and probably for other purposes as well.

    If you wish to propose disunifying the civamayam symbol from U+0BF3, you
    will probably need to explain how that situation differs from the U+002E

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