Tamil C(S)ivamayam

From: Bala (bala@cse.mrt.ac.lk)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 09:51:26 CST

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    Hi All,

    Now we are in the process of defining the standards for TAMIL (தமிழ்) CHARACTER CODE FOR INFORMATION INTERCHANGE in Sri Lanka. When I am working on that I have came across another problem. If this been already discussed overhear please help me in this.


    Even though the Tamil vowel உ, Tamil number 2(This is European 2 – Pleases refer code point 0BE8) and Tamil day sign ௳ looks similar, there are difference in shapes.


    The civamayam is very commonly used in Tamil text. In present days compare to day sign and Tamil number 2, the civamayam symbol used very frequently. This been used in start of books, almost 90% of the Tamil wedding cards and so on.


    But when I am looking at the shape I cannot see the difference between Tamil day sign and civamayam. To make sure I have extracted the text from 2007, 1951 and 1901. Please refer the following URL for more details



    (1) Why there is no code point to the civamayam symbol in Unicode? Is that because of the same/similar glyph? Or Tamils missed out to list to Unicode?

    (2) Are we expected to use the 0BF3 – Tamil Day sign for civamayam as well?

    (3) In real there is a difference between day sign and civamayam? (Something like length of line or size of the circle)


    Thank you in advance

    Kind Regards

    Bala (Sri Lanka)


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