Re: Non-Han Han characters (was Re: Level of Unicode support required for various languages)

From: Andrew West (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 06:15:45 CST

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    On 06/11/2007, <> wrote:
    > below are teo links to a 1991 article written in English that talks
    > about among other things in items (1) to (8) about Non Han groups that
    > use Han characters.
    > html version <>

    That's a useful overview for non-Chinese speakers.

    > I would be interested to know if the Nam script is infact another name
    > for Chu Nom.

    I am sure it is. "nam" is the natural Cantonese reading of the second
    character in the word Chữ Nôm 字喃.


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