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Date: Wed Nov 07 2007 - 09:54:17 CST

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    Bala <bala at cse dot mrt dot ac dot lk> wrote:

    > Personally I think using the 0BF3 for civamayam and Day sign will be
    > better. Yes I will write a proposal with explaining the meaning
    > different between civamaym and day sign (including supportive
    > evidence). I will write through Sri Lanka ICTA.

    Just to make sure everyone is clear on this, a coded character can have
    more than one meaning. Multiple interpretations is not necessarily a
    justfication to disunify.

    Sarves K replied:

    > We can't compare U+002E and U+0BF3. Because, U+002E doesn't have any
    > defined meaning � it's an ambiguous character
    > ( Therefore it can be
    > used to represent anything.

    1. "Ambiguous" doesn't mean the character has no meaning. It means the
    character has multiple meanings, which cannot always be determined from

    2. Unicode doesn't define the meaning of characters such as this. It
    provides a code point, a reference glyph (which is not guaranteed to be
    the most appropriate glyph for all use cases), a set of properties that
    help computer implementations make decisions on rendering and breaking
    and collation and such, and an optional set of *informative* usage
    notes. Unicode does not state whether U+0BF3 may or may not be used for

    Bala replied:

    > I feel civamayam and day sign is in similar category *now*. But I have
    > a feeling there is a slight different in shape. If we manage to find
    > the different it’s better we get a different code point. Else Unicode
    > have to give a solution.

    Probably you would need to find the different shapes in contrast with
    one another (i.e. in the same document).

    The "solution" might simply be for someone from UTC to state that U+0BF3
    should be used for civamayam. Evidently Tamils don't have any trouble
    telling which usage of this glyph is intended.

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