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Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 21:42:49 CST

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    Biblical scholars use use textual apparatus similar to Ruby text used
    in Japanese. Of course, this is highly marked up, but there may be a
    special case for including ruby glyphs in fonts used for biblical

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    On 2007-11-12, at 07:17, John Hudson wrote:

    > As a type designer, I'm mainly involved in the business of making
    > text visible and trying to get it to display correctly. I'm going
    > to be speaking at a conference in January* and as background for my
    > talk I'm interested in cataloguing the other things that people do,
    > or want to do, with computerised text. It strikes me that many of
    > these things take place in the realm in which text is 'invisible',
    > i.e. prior to or independent of display. Some of these things are
    > obvious in a general sense (spelling and grammar checking, sorting,
    > comparing), but I'd like to come up with some specific and
    > interesting examples -- particularly of a scholarly nature --, and
    > also would like know of any other things that people 'do with text'
    > beyond displaying it. I suspect that there are things I have not
    > even imagined within my narrow focus.
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