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    Things not previously mentioned:

    - Storage, particularly safe storage. Related to this is archiving. This use implies support of old or "ancient" digital text, in whatever encoding that happened to be used, for any length of time.

    - Searching - giving people access to large bodies of text by letting them specify what they are looking for, e.g. Google.

    Also, see for example:


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    As a type designer, I'm mainly involved in the business of making text visible and trying
    to get it to display correctly. I'm going to be speaking at a conference in January* and
    as background for my talk I'm interested in cataloguing the other things that people do,
    or want to do, with computerised text. It strikes me that many of these things take place
    in the realm in which text is 'invisible', i.e. prior to or independent of display. Some
    of these things are obvious in a general sense (spelling and grammar checking, sorting,
    comparing), but I'd like to come up with some specific and interesting examples --
    particularly of a scholarly nature --, and also would like know of any other things that
    people 'do with text' beyond displaying it. I suspect that there are things I have not
    even imagined within my narrow focus.

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