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From: John Hudson (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 23:02:43 CST

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    Michael Maxwell wrote:

    > Like the things corpus linguists do to build applications, or field
    > linguists do to analyze a language? And if so, are you interested in
    > annotated text (footnoted text, interlinear text, text tagged for names
    > or numbers...), or just plain text in one or more languages?

    I'm primarily interested, at the moment, in activities or operations that rely heavily on
    the fact that the text is computerised, i.e. that would be difficult or impossible to do
    with 'analogue' text. I'm particularly interested in the sort of things that can be said
    to happen invisibly, i.e. operations performed on text as encoded entities that might only
    be secondarily displayed using fonts, or perhaps not displayed at all. So yes, I think the
    sort of things corpus linguists might do would be of interest, and I'd like to gain an
    understanding of some examples.


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