Dotless J with stroke.

From: Russ Stygall (
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 13:50:12 CST

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    U+025F (LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS J WITH STROKE) is incorrectly described as "typographically a turned f ", since the stroke/bar of 'f' is at 'x-height', which when turned would have the stroke/bar on the 'baseline'. 'Dotless J with stroke', as illustrated in Unicode 5.1, is at half 'x-height'!

    From this, U+284 (LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS J WITH STROKE AND HOOK) is incorrectly illustrated, since the stroke/bar for this character is on the 'baseline' and not at half 'x-height, as is U+025F.

    Further, U+1DA1 (<super> 025F) has its stroke/bar incorrectly illustrated. (see above)

    Refer to: typeface=Charis SIL, and 'Handbook of the International Phonetic Association' p.168 (ipa#108 & ipa#164)

    Russ Stygall

    p.s. The description "typographically a turned f , but better thought of as a form of j" is almost identical to the description in the 2nd Edition of 'Phonetic Symbol Guide' p.96 (by Pullum & Ladusaw), a work not noted for its accuracy or completeness.

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