Re: Display of Mongolian in Arabic or Hebrew documents

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Nov 21 2007 - 12:29:51 CST

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    The implementation issue for embedded Mongolian is confused by the fact that the script is
    currently implemented in OpenType fonts as if it were a LTR script, i.e. the outlines are
    designed left-to-right in the glyph space rather than top to bottom, and then the text
    blocks are rotated for vertical display. This is itself a questionable practice, although
    it obviously simplifies font development and line layout for Mongolian.

    This means that RTL embedding would require, as Peter points out, a 180 degree rotation
    from the 'normal' direction of the text, rather than a choice between a 90 degree rotation
    either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on the direction of the surrounding
    horizontal text.

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