Re: How to write Armenian ligatures?

From: Andrew West (
Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 07:50:12 CST

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    On 24/11/2007, John Hudson <> wrote:
    > As of recent versions of Notepad, the default plain text editor in Windows, the same is
    > true of the Latin script: OTL <rlig> and <liga> lookups are processed automatically
    > (<dlig> of course, are not, because the feature is off by default). If one wants to
    > inhibit ligation, one can insert ZWNJ.

    I suspect that it is not Notepad per se that is doing this, but Uniscribe.

    > This is how it should be, and other plain text editors should do likewise.

    Generally speaking, on Windows, plain text editors that support
    Unicode are limited in what OT features they support by the version of
    Uniscribe that is on the user's system.

    If every plain text editor had its own OT processing code, not only
    would we all be reinventing the wheel (at a massive cost to the
    developer), but our wheels would all be slightly different sized and
    shaped, and so the end user would not see consistent rendering
    behaviour across applications, which is a bad thing. Therefore, in my
    opinion, it is a good idea for plain text editors on the same platform
    to use a common rendering engine. On Windows this is Uniscribe, and it
    is Uniscribe that is responsible for supporting various OT features,
    not text editors directly.


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