RE: How to write Armenian ligatures?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 17:32:27 CST

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    > This is true, but for a text editor to benefit from Uniscribe's default
    > ligature processing, the text editor has to choose to glyph the text
    > runs using Uniscribe, a choice often not done with Latin text. Vista's
    > NotePad does choose to glyph all text,

    Actually, Notepad itself doesn't do anything special. It is just using the Windows Edit control. Any app that uses this will get fi or similar ligatures using a font that substitutes ligatures using the OT liga feature.

    > While this is indeed an
    > elegant choice, it slows down the display of large ASCII data files
    > considerably.

    That's true, but mainly because of some inefficiencies in how that control was implemented. In a good implementation, the differences are not necessarily going to result in user-perceptible differences in display time.


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