Vai word boundaries and line breaking

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 15:16:43 CST

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    Reading through the proposal documents for Vai, it's not entirely clear from the text or the samples what the line breaking behaviour is in relation to word boundaries. I'm wondering if I can get some clarification.

    Generally, the examples make it look as though spaces are not used in text at word or phrase boundaries (making Vai reminiscent of Han ideographs in this regard), though it's not absolutely clear. L2/05-159R (N2984R) has only one sample of running text - the rest show syllable charts and such. L2/05-053 show samples suggesting some variation in marking word boundaries - some of the samples seem to have variable spacing between letterforms so it's also not clear to me from this doc if spaces are ever used.

    L2/05-159R has a section on line breaking that indicates that line breaks are not permitted before SYLLABLE LENGTHENER or before NG. Looking at the beta UCD files, though, it appears that NG (A60B) has the same line breaking property as regular syllables (AL); it's not clear to me if that's intended or not.

    The LENGTHENER (A60C) has linebreak = EX, as does FULL STOP (A60E); this strongly blocks break before. COMMA (060D) and QUESTION MARK (A60F) have linebreak = BA, which less-strongly blocks break before. (EX allows preceding break only after hard line break or ZWSP; BA also allows a preceding break after spaces (SP) or FFFC).


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