RE: Vai word boundaries and line breaking

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 18:33:28 CST

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    At 16:15 -0800 2007-11-30, Peter Constable wrote:
    > > From: Michael Everson []
    >> Modern Vai always uses spaces between words. As in the Bible I have
    >> here. Manuscript Vai is less scrupulous about this, but the Right
    >> Thing To Do is treat the syllables like Cherokee syllables... that
    >> is, like Latin letters.
    >OK; that's helpful.

    I'm glad.

    > > >L2/05-159R has a section on line breaking that indicates that line
    >> >breaks are not permitted before SYLLABLE LENGTHENER or before NG.
    >> >Looking at the beta UCD files, though, it appears that NG (A60B) has
    >> >the same line breaking property as regular syllables (AL); it's not
    >> >clear to me if that's intended or not.
    >> That is Ken's bailiwick I guess.
    >Well, I think Ken is dependent, like me, on the script experts out
    >there spec'ing the desired behaviour.

    OK, I suck at properties, so use small words and ask me again.
    "Intended"? Line breaks should not be permitted before SYLLABLE
    LENGTHENER or NG. So... the properites shouldn't allow breaking
    before them.

    > > >The LENGTHENER (A60C) has linebreak = EX, as does FULL STOP (A60E);
    >> >this strongly blocks break before. COMMA (060D) and QUESTION MARK
    >> >(A60F) have linebreak = BA, which less-strongly blocks break before.
    >> >(EX allows preceding break only after hard line break or ZWSP; BA
    >> >also allows a preceding break after spaces (SP) or FFFC).
    >> I can't say I know how to evaluate this.
    >Consider this an invitation for any of the people that were involved
    >in the Vai proposal or with any with a connection to the primary
    >user community, to review the Unicode 5.1 beta UCD files and provide
    >feedback as needed.

    I'm afraid you're stuck with me. Ask questions I can answer, and I
    will answer them as best I can.

    Michael Everson *

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