RE: Dotless J with stroke.

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2007 - 16:54:52 CST

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    > (I'm far from an IPA expert, but...)

    > So I would conclude that an esh-like or turned f-like glyph would just
    > be approximants, and not the intended glyph for any font. So please
    > make Latin small letter dotless j with stroke and hook look according
    > to its name

    There is very little point in designing a glyph that
    looks significantly different from what the IPA
    shows there in their own charts, because the point
    of U+0284 is to serve as *that* character.

    The Unicode representative glyph could be tweaked
    a little to match the IPA glyph more closely. In particular,
    the bar should be a little higher, and it wouldn't
    hurt to distinguish the top hook a little more from
    the top hook of the esh.

    But other than that, talking about how a dotless j
    with stroke and hook should look, based on its name,
    is an exercise in futility. Asmus is correct.


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