Zhuang Sawndip characters used in text

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Date: Sun Dec 16 2007 - 22:12:51 CST

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    Doing a Google search for two 𦘭 U+2662D only @113 hits and
    𨃅 U+280C5 only @62 hits, among which the only uses of the
    characters as part of meaningful text, as opposed to a table of
    encoded characteers, seem to be

    (1) either in zdict.net, an online dictionary eg

    (2) attempts to render Zhuang Sawndip using Unicode, on http://www.rauz.net eg


    My question for the mailing list is ,"Are the results of this type of
    google search accurate?". Are, for example, these two characters in
    fact used in other documents but do not show up because they are not
    encoded using utf-8.

    The the Chinese "google', www.baidu.com, does not seem to support
    searching for plane 2 characters.

    John Knightley

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