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Date: Tue Dec 18 2007 - 02:50:39 CST

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    > And why do we need language tag in HTML or other formats if
    > this property is defined within the encoded paragraph?

    As Jony said, you need direction attributes, not language tags. Wrt why those are needed in HTML:

    [1] 'paragraphs' are defined by markup in HTML, since whitespace (including newlines etc) in the source is normalized for display

    [2] attribute values in HTML affect more than a 'paragraph' at a time - a single dir="rtl" at the top of a document may be all you need for the whole document, and this will affect things like ordering of table columns as well as stuff internal to paragraphs.

    [3] the bidi algorithm is often insufficient to resolve potential ambiguities in embedded mixed direction text, and markup can be used to set the needed directional context for the embedded text (see )

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