Re: Acceptable alembic glyph variants

From: James Kass (
Date: Tue Jan 01 2008 - 01:22:52 CST

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    Andreas Stötzner wrote,

    > See
    > for an example.

    Thank you! I've obviously been looking in the wrong dictionaries.

    Not only the alembic symbol, but this nice scan also shows the
    inclined variant of STAFF OF AESCULAPIUS as well as the anchor
    symbol. The glyph which resembles an old monoplane might
    represent aviation/aeronautics -- an old-fashioned variant of

    Interesting phonetic symbol in the German guide for pronouncing
    the French word "atterrisage", too. Phonetic symbol encoding
    enthusiasts please make a note of it; it does not appear to be
    encoded yet.

    In the definition for atténuant, the text reads:
    "... verdünnend (e? Mittel..."
    What is that Fraktur symbol? Is it an ampersand?

    >> In order for any of those interesting, unencoded alchemical
    >> symbols to become characters in the Unicode sense of the word,
    >> someone will
    >> need to collect,
    > done,
    >> organize,
    > done,
    >> make a formal proposal,
    >> and follow it through the process until it is approved.
    > no problem.
    > estimated costs: ca. $6500.
    > Wholl fund it?
    > ;-)

    My advice: get the money up front! If payment is by cheque,
    wait for the cheque to clear the bank before proceeding.

    Happy New Year,

    James Kass

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