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Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 21:09:36 CST

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    arno wrote:

    > No, this is not the case.
    > No, I have not indicated it.
    > Hamza is NEVER dividing -- although most of the time is is not joined
    > (be at the end of the word, at its head or after a non-left joining letter)

    You wrote

        as of now, we have U+0621 ARABIC LETTER HAMZA as non-joining

        John and Tom have demonstrated that this is not correct.
        (It is correct for Modern Standard Arabic and most other forms
        of written Arabic, but not for ALL.)

    Perhaps you can explain what you meant by this statement? Because it reads as if you are
    saying that non-joining hamza is correct/incorrect in some places and not in others.
    Forgive me if I am confused, but I really don't see how else to read this statement.

    What is 'correct for Modern Standard Arabic and most other forms of written Arabic'? What
    are the exceptions encompassed by 'ALL'?

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