Re: chairless hamza (in reply to John)

From: arno (
Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 04:52:42 CST

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    Khaled Hosny wrote:
    > ... in MSA chairless hamza *never* lay between
    > dual joining characters, it always set on a chair. So, there is no
    > confusion as a word like يسءل is only valid in Quranic text and is
    > considered a typo in MSA (it should be يسئل for MSA).

    Exactly (or rather almost correct: the second letter can be
              a right joining one).

    Before Ymas John expressed astonishment, that millions of Arabs use
    existing "wrong" fonts without protesting to him or to Microsoft. In the
    whole world only Thomas Milo and John Hudson claimed that the fonts
    produce wrong Arabic text.
    They produce proper MSA text (in which CHAIRLESS hamza between joining
    letters does not occur). So, there is no reason to protest -- unless
    you want to type the Qur'ân according to Q24.

    But since the Qur'ân is not any odd text and the Azhar commitee and the
    Royal Press are even more important than Langenscheidt, we have to have
    a proper 'ARABIC LETTER ARABIC CHAIRLESS HAMZA' -- be it U+0621 or a new

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